Who Does This?!

Every Spring I bitch and moan because it's the time of year where one buys flowers.

Every Spring I bitch and moan about buying flowers because a green thumb I do not have.

I claim to anyone who will listen that I'm surprised the weeds are still alive in the front yard. I forget to water, I don't cover my flowers when the nights get chilly, but somehow they all survive. Sometimes they even thrive beyond any of my expectations. I know! It's shocking to me too!

Being a person who claims to not have a green thumb, what in the hell possessed me to buy a living plant? It's December January and as I type this, it is 32* outside. I'm not sure wees can survive this weather. I barely can!

Yet somehow a pretty pink prim rose is still keeping on.

Prim Rose

This is what shows up in my house when a pretty little girl decides to get not pretty by throwing up all over the place! Did the flower make her better? Sure we can go with that. Now I suppose I should water the thing before it shrivels up and dies.

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Katie Hurley, LCSW said...

I kill everything, with the exception of the cherry tomatoes I helped my daughter plant over the summer. I was so worried that they would die on us that I became obsessed with keeping them alive. She was thrilled with the harvest but only ate one before declaring, "I like the ones you buy at Trader Joe's better". I guess next time I'll try to keep some flowers alive!


Oka said...

Good Luck
There ha never been a plant to survive within these walls. Well, the fake ones do.

Jules said...

I love having tons of flowers outside. Now inside is a different story....I kill them all.

Great name BTW

Holly said...

LOL!! I can RELATE!! If hubby buys me a plant, HE has to keep it ALIVE!! He goes to his brother's for a week and comes home wanting to know what I DID to his planes and grass... It's TALENT, I tell ya'!! ;p

Brittney said...

my mom and granny are awesome with flowers and stuff Ive killed everything ive ever bought lol

Kmama said...

Umm, hate to correct you, but it's actually January, not December! LOL

Pretty flower!

angie said...

Good luck keeping it alive. I have a black thumb, but every once in awhile I get a tree/plant that lives despite my ability to neglect it. :) PS THANK you so very much for adding my little button to your post. Makes my heart happy.

Babes Mami said...

I used to kill everything but now I'm getting a little better!

Shell said...

It's very pretty! I kill flowers, too.

Jennifer said...

African Violets are THE BEST plant to have for people like you (us) who have no green thumb at all. You just leave them, water them maybe once every two weeks and they are good to go.